Effective Natural Herbal Treatment For Menopause


Effective Natural Herbal Treatment For Menopause

A new herbal supplement that has shown great promise in treating the symptoms of menopause is named LIFESYTLE. It is a unique combination of traditional Chinese medicinal herbs and ingredients which work together to ease the symptoms of menopause. LIFESYTLE has been used by many women for menopause relief. This all natural herbal supplement comes in two different forms. There is a cream which you can use either as an ointment, or as a vaginal suppository, and a pill that women take orally.

Why exactly do women want relief from the symptoms of menopause? For many women, menopause is one of the most frightening periods in their lives. Women deal with hot flashes, mood swings, and a whole host of other symptoms which make life difficult. When you add to this the fact that many menopause remedies don’t work, it’s no wonder why so many women are looking for a way to alleviate the symptoms of menopause.

What is LIFESYTE? LIFESYTE is a natural herbal supplement that contains a variety of key herbs which have been used to treat the symptoms of menopause for generations. Some of these herbs are listed below. Although some of these herbs are only available in LIFESYTE, others can be found in other menopause remedies such as Extagen.

Ginseng is probably one of the most popular herbs for relief of menopause symptoms. In fact, it has been used for centuries as a treatment for various ailments including menopause and breast cancer. This is because of the large quantities of hormones that are present in the plant. As well, it has powerful antioxidants which fight free radicals and other harmful elements that are part of what causes the symptoms of menopause to occur. This powerful antioxidant has been proven to reduce the size of the mammary glands which can cause breast cancer.

Saw Palmetto is another herb for menopause relief and it is also very effective at reducing the size of the breasts and bringing about a sense of peace. This powerful plant has been used by First Nations people for hundreds of years to deal with the symptoms of menopause. Scientific studies have found that Saw Palmetto is an effective tool for reducing the size of the breasts and bringing about a sense of relief. Other benefits associated with Saw Palmettos include improved blood flow to the breast tissue which can reduce the formation of cancerous cells.

One other important ingredient of LIFESYTE is Yohimbe extract. This natural extract has long been used to treat a wide range of health concerns including menopause. The reason why Yohimbe extract works so well at relieving menopause symptoms is because it contains powerful hormones. It also contains an amino acid that balances out the estrogen levels in the body. It can effectively reduce the symptoms associated with menopause including night sweats, hot flashes and discomfort from cysts on the breasts. As an added benefit, LIFESYTE can also naturally promote smooth skin and hair growth.