What Is the Third Definition of Health?

Health is a condition where disease and infirmity are totally absent. Different definitions have been employed over the years for various purposes. One of these purposes is to measure health. This can be done in a number of ways.

One common definition used is the complete physical, mental, and social well being. The complete physical is there when a person does not suffer from any kind of disability that hinders him/her from leading a normal life. When this is the case, then he/she is said to be healthy. The other aspect of this definition is that the person cannot be mentally sick or infirm before the complete physical is achieved. Mental and social disorders do exist but they are not considered as part of the complete physical.

In another definition, a person is said to be healthy if he/she is free from all kinds of mental illnesses, which do not prevent them from leading a normal life. It also defines mentally ill people to be physically ill. The definition of mentally ill also includes those who have a long-term sickness that makes it difficult for them to lead a normal life. It is important to note that the above two conditions are different from each other.

The feeling good part of the definition of healthy is very important. You need to have a healthy and normal feeling to feel good about yourself. Having a feeling good always follows the prevention of diseases. You can have the feeling good by eating healthy and exercising regularly. But having a feeling good does not necessarily mean that you are already free from any kind of disease or disability.

The other important factor to consider is the mental wellbeing. Mental health refers to your general mental well being. It is affected by both physical and mental ailments and diseases. If you have an illness, the effect of that illness on your mental wellbeing is obvious. However, if you don’t have an illness but you are still feeling good because you have good friends around you are financially stable, that is probably due to some public health or community services that keep you out of misery.

Health in the third definition includes those things that help you stay physically and mentally fit. This includes proper nutrition, regular exercise, and a supportive surrounding. Being fit is an obvious requirement to have a good health. Having emotional wellness also helps you stay healthy. You can be healthy as long as you avoid or minimize the causes of diseases.