Define Health

Health, according to the World Health Organization,is “a state of full physical, mental and emotional well being and not just the absence of sickness and disease”. A number of definitions have also been used over the years. However, health is a more than a mere condition. It is a philosophy, it is a lifestyle and it is a way of life.

The most common definition of health is the state of being in good physical and mental condition. On this definition, one would include being mentally sound and well grounded. Another common definition would be the state in which the person is productive, contributing to society in some way, socially and economically. A third definition would be that of well-being, which includes the general population, which means the population of people within an environment that allows them to flourish and contribute as individuals. These are the definitions that the medical care industry uses.

A health policy on the other hand, defines health as the absence of any disease or illness. This is the most popular definition that is used by governments and health agencies. A government policy on health defines what can and cannot be included in health programs. For instance, a program on AIDS does not include prevention measures or screening for heart disease as a part of its definition. Other policies on health provide that a person with a particular health problem shall undergo a preventative measure as a condition for receiving a health program on health.

Some public policies on health provide for the availability of AIDS medication if a person positively tests positive for the disease. However, this definition of good health is only applicable if a person has the ability to transmit the disease. This definition excludes persons who may have acquired the disease but are too healthy to transmit it. It would include pregnant women, immunocompromised persons, those undergoing chemotherapy and people undergoing experimental treatments. For AIDS sufferers, this also applies to their partners.

A well-balanced diet provides the necessary fuel to maintain a healthy lifestyle. A healthy diet is not restricted to strict veganism. A healthy diet can consist of meat, whole grains, fruits, vegetables and other foods rich in fiber and low in fat. It is a balanced diet that is required for a well-balanced diet. A well-balanced diet includes a intake of foods rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber.

A definition of Health has many limitations. Health is not synonymous to death, although some people compare the two. Death cannot be avoided as a result of disease, unless the end-point is precluded. However, death due to absence of health is inevitable, since absence of the disease is inevitable. To ensure the survival of mankind, a healthy life style is the only answer to end-point of the diseases.